CommandScope LLC is a Chicago-based data provider and mobile software development company featuring RealView Mobile Inspection Program and the CommandScope Fire/Emergency Pre-Plan program. Subscribers to our software are managed on secure cloud systems and all coordinated software updates are provided over the internet at no cost. CommandScope works online and offline to best meet the needs of the First Response community and property managers. Designed with best-of-breed technology, CommandScope’s technical standards adhere to the requirements of both the National Fire Protection Associations and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s National Incident Management System (NIMS), which is a template of procedures developed to execute a multi-faceted rescue plan to save victims of unforeseen catastrophes.

First Response Personnel


CommandScope replaces paper-based emergency action plans with digital action plans, and is utilized on emergency
vehicle computers and Touch Screen computers on-site at building security stations. These digital pre-incident
plans provide critical building details for First Responders and property managers to improve safety for property staff, occupants and emergency service personnel. CommandScope can share Building Management data with the local Fire Department and provide critical property knowledge to those that need it, when they need it. 

RealView Mobile Inspection offers a mobile Web-based program for audits, inspections and compliance. RealView Mobile Inspection is the first practical mobile program for helping building owners/managers, fire marshals and regional field managers save time and money on inspections, alerts and work orders while going “GREEN”.  


Increased Protection and Reduced Liability For:

  • INDUSTRIAL, CORPORATE & COMMERCIAL - staff, tennants, equipment, property and facilities.
  • EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES - staff, students, property and facilities. 
  • MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS - staff, patients, visitors and facilities. 
  • PUBLIC VENUES - staff, customers and property.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES PERSONNEL - who protect us all!

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